Student Videos Online!

CCTV (Concord Community Television) has posted three programs of student videos from the 2013-14 school year. Follow the link below, and type “Gooder” in the search window to find the videos.

CCTV Video On Demand

Or go to each of the video programs individually:

Still Image Sequences Fall 2013

Still Image Sequences Spring 2014

Rules of Cinema assignment Fall 2013

Students produced some excellent work this year. These programs show two assignments: A narrative fiction short film made in crews of two to four students, demonstrating the “rules of cinema;” and a socially-conscious slideshow about a topic of the students choice, telling a specific story / point of view with images found online.

The Video Production I class visited CCTV several times each semester to learn how a television studio works. CCTV will continue to show our work online and as apart of their regular broadcast programming. Next year,  in the Video Production II class, we plan to produce an entire show, with CCTV as our classroom. This final unit will be “co-taught” by CCTV’s knowledgable, energetic Education and Outreach Manager (and CCHS alumn!) Kestor Kruger.

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