Film Clip Presentation (VPII)

Week 2 Assignment: Film Clip Presentation


 Essential Question: What makes a movie “good?” What are the pieces of a “good” movie? Directions:

  1. Choose a 3-5 minute clip (movie, TV show, short film, etc) –something you feel the class needs to see.
  2. Write a short paragraph (3-5 sentences) about each of the elements of cinema, below
  3. Present the film clip to class. Plan, rehearse and deliver your thoughts on the clip. Put your clip in context of the longer movie (etc) that it comes from–where does it fit? Overall, tell us why you chose this piece of media and why WE should see it too.

Analyze the following in your presentation:

  • Storytelling (The Script / Writing: Plot, Beginning / middle/end – structure; Dialog; Characters; the IDEA)
  • Acting & Directing
  • Mise En Scene (‘What you see’ – Locations; props, costumes; makeup)
  • Cinematography (Shots: Composition, Lighting, Viewpoint / Perspective / Angle; Movement)
  • Soundtrack (Music score; Mix; Compliments visuals and story;
  • Editing (Tells the story; special effects; continuity; pacing)

Download the rubric here:  Film Clip Presentation rubric