Still Image Sequence Assignment


Verna Fields film editorVideo_Editor1920x1080

Description: For this assignment, you will edit a sequence of still images, taken from the internet, into a story (narrative). For a theme, choose an issue–local, national or international–that you care about. It can be personal as well as political. Choose music to edit to, that can speak to your theme in terms of lyrics, mood or both. You will learn the basics of Adobe Premiere–image placement, trimming and effects–in order to create your sequence.



  1. Pick a theme (or come up with several ideas from which to choose)
  2. Choose a piece of music (or several possibilities) to go with your theme
  3. Create 5 folders for 5 different types of images for your video (these will become your chapters)
  4. Save at least 50 images (10 per folder) from the web for your video that support your theme. Images should be LARGE: 1080×1920 pixels (the size of an HD screen) or above is ideal.
  5. Using Adobe Premiere, create a project. Over the course of two weeks, you will lay down your music, edit your images into place to the music, trim and refine your edit based on ongoing class critique, add effects and transitions, as well as titles and credits, then “share” your video as a high resolution quicktime movie.
  6. We will watch your videos in class.

Examples: Go to the “Video Student Work” category on this blog to see a variety of high quality past student Still Image Sequences. (Scroll down and follow the links). Past Student Films

Pre-Production: Use the form on Google Classroom to write about your theme.