Photographer Presentation


image and portrait of photographer Paul Caponigrocaponigro portrait 300

Assignment: Create a ten minute lecture (using Powerpoint or Keynote) to teach the class about a photographer you are interested in.


1. Browse the photo books in the Learning Commons and classroom.

2. Choose a photographer. Discuss your choice with your teacher.

3. Collect 30 to 40 images from the photographer. These can represent their their whole career or a particular body of work. You may scan images or find them online.

4. Research the photographer. You can use the photographer’s website, a book, online interviews or scholarly articles or reviews. You will need to cite 3 sources.

5.Organize a slideshow lecture to teach the class about this photographer as follows:

  1. Start with one or more images that represent the photographer, and a quote from the photographer.
  2. Write a thesis statement (3-5 sentence paragraph) describing why you think this photographer is important for us to know.
  3. A brief history of the photographer–when they worked (era), what they photographed (genre), and how they made images (technology)
  4. 3 to 5 “chapters” showing different aspects of the artist’s work, using their photographs as “evidence” (at least 5 images per chapter)
  5. A conclusion that relates back to your thesis.
  6. A source citation page (slide). You should have three sources. Use standard MLA format.

6.Deliver your talk to the class.

Download the assignment here: Adv Photo Presentation guidelines

Download the rubric here: Presentation Rubric

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