Writing Assignment: Review a Photo Essay

Riveter at a military aircraft factory. Fort Worth, Texas, 1942 by Howard R. Hollem

While you are writing your own photo essay, (which will go on your blog), you will be looking at and reviewing photo essays online. So there are two short writing assignments for you to work on while you select and develop your images in Lightroom.

Review of a photo essay online

  1. Browse three outstanding websites:
    1. New York Times “Lensblog”
    2. Time Magazine’s “Lightbox”
    3. Mother Jones Magazine’s Photoessays
  2. Choose one photo essay to write about. Your response should have:
    1. First paragraph should include:
      1. A link to the specific photo essay for your teacher (cut and paste the URL into your response)
      2. The name of the writer
      3. The name of the photographer
      4. The name of the magazine / online source
      5. The date
      6. A description of the photo essay, in your own words. What is it about? 1-3 sentences.
    2. Second paragraph (5-7 sentences) should be your response to the content. What do you find interesting about the story or issues raised by the story?
    3. Third paragraph (5-7 sentences) should be your response to the images. How did the photographer approach this story visually? What elements of photography enhance your understanding or feeling for the story? (i.e., color, light, framing, angle, proximity to subject, etc).