Advanced Photography Final Reflection

Joseph Sudek, photographer.

Write a 5-7 sentence paragraph for each answer. Put your name and date at the top.

  1. How do you feel about your work on the Boston Field Trip? Describe you approach to the city, your experience shooting—what opportunities did you find photographically? How did you shoot differently than the students around you? Having seen your contact sheets, which photos do you feel were successful? What else did you enjoy about the trip?
  2. How do feel about your presentation on a photographer? Having listened to the feedback from your classmates, and having received a rubric from Mr. Gooder, what do you feel you did well? What did you learn from this experience?
  3. Why do you like photography? What do you put into it? What do you get out of it?
  4. What is your favorite kind of photography? What do you want to try next?
  5. Optional: What grade do you feel you expect to receive in this class for this quarter and why?


Video Production I Final Reflection

Video Production 1 – Final Reflection


Name: ____________________________________________ Date: ______________


Think about your work this semester. Answer the questions below with at least three full sentences for each.

  1. What was your favorite project, and why?
  2. Describe your best or most interesting experience pre-producing or producing (shooting), and what you learned from it.
  3. Describe your best or most interesting experience editing or showing a film in this class, and what you learned from it.
  4. Describe one or more ways in which you’ve improved your work technically since the beginning of the semester. Give examples from your work.
  5. What are the best and most challenging things about working with a crew?
  6. What crew position (job) do you like the best on a film production? Why? What makes you good at it?
  7. What was the most memorable moment in this class for you?
  8. Any advice for a future introductory filmmaking student?

Download the reflection questions here: VP1 reflection

Digital Photography Grading Criteria

These criteria were developed collaboratively in Mr. Gooder’s Digital Photography class in Spring of 2015. Each criteria is equally weighted (worth the same), since they are all important to being successful in this class. There are six criteria. The first five match the process we follow with each assignment of making digital images:



Post Processing

Writing & Presentation

Class Discussion

The sixth goes with everything we do, every day:

Class Participation

For each criteria, you will reflect on what you are doing well and what you could do to improve. Give specific examples. Notice that EFFORT and IMPROVEMENT should be apart of everything we do.


Do you…

Demonstrate an understanding of the assignment and topic

Strive to fulfill the assignment and even go beyond it, coming up with your own creative stories and ideas. Are you ambitious with where and when you shoot? Put time into arranging and traveling to locations? 

Meet all deadlines, large and small, managing your time well

2. Shooting

Do you…

Demonstrate basic competency with the equipment (camera), and control over color, shutter speed, aperture, focus, and so on?

Take care of your (or the school’s) equipment, and if borrowed, return it on time?

Demonstrate creativity with design, including composition, angle, focus, finding color and light. Does your design enhance the meaning of your photographs?

Shoot a variety of images to tell the story, really exploring the space or subject with your camera (ie, close and far, inside and out)?

3. Post Processing

Do you…

Demonstrate an understanding of Adobe software (using the tools taught in class to organize, develop, export and print your images?)

Make choices that improve your images visually or make them more interesting and compelling? In other words, develop your images to help tell a story or communicate emotion or meaning?

4. Writing & Presentation

Do you…

Choose the best images to tell your story?

Fulfill all written parts of the project? Is your writing thoughtful and detailed enough to add meaning to your assignment?

Create and add posts to you online portfolio in a way that best showcases your work?

Listen to and use feedback given during class “check ins” and from your peers and teacher in general to improve your work?

5. Class Discussion

Do you…

Participate by being on time and ready for critiques?

Add to discussion by making constructive, specific comments for others?

Push yourself to listen and communicate to the best of your ability?

Support students who you are less familiar with, who’s photography inspires you?

Contribute to discussions and critiques socially, by connecting ideas, comparing student work, referring to ideas and techniques presented on previous days, and by adding your perspective?

6. Class Participation

Do you…

Attend class?

Show up on time?

Maximize your use of class time, by coming prepared (with a plan) and working hard

Pay attention during instruction? Are you ‘on task?’

Help others? (students and the teacher)

Demonstrate good etiquette and general conduct by showing respect for other students and their work, through your words and actions?

How it works: Each student will reflect and evaluate their own work in the class according these grading criteria, and will be honest and thoughtful about what they have done well and areas for improvement. After writing and reflecting, the student should give themselves a letter grade for that criteria. Mr. Gooder will use the same criteria to grade the student. Once they are totaled, the student and teacher grades will be compared. If the grades are different, the final grade will be a compromise between the student’s grade and the teacher’s grade. Mr. Gooder will respond to the student’s self-evaluation.

Photo Blogs

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 3.36.02 PMCheck out the work of the first Digital Photography class at CCHS! Each student published their own photo blog using WordPress. All photo assignments are posted on these sites, with the stories behind the photos. One way students critique each other’s work is by writing comments on each other’s blogs. Enjoy!

Student WordPress URL
Jeremy Chiang
Kenzie King
Abby Yamartino
Sara Buschman
Valerie Ziehler
Sophia Karr
Stephanie Wang
Trey Powers
Sophia Villa
Abby Flynn
Zariyah Mercer
Ian Ehlers
Elise Kaplan
Meghan Curley
Jonathan Hill
Alyssa Cucinotta
William Reynolds
Mia Royce
Jill Roberts
Mercedes Murphy