Writing your Bio for your Blog

Munich by Abelardo Morell (form his series, “A Book of Books”)

You will create a WordPress blog to feature all of your best work from Digital Photography. A blog allows you to post images and write about them. Every assignment in Digital Photography will have some of your writing to go along with it.

Your Photographer’s Bio: Write a one paragraph description of yourself as a photographer. On a Google Site, write it in a Text Box on your home page, below your banner image. Whatever WordPress “Free Photography” template you choose, make sure your Bio is easily accessible from the start page, when you arrive at the blog (it might be the “About Me” section somewhere on the side or top of the page). Wix or other site builders should be similar.

  1. Go back to the websites you looked at featuring color photographers, or the website of any photographer you admire. Read their bios.
  2. Write a 5-7 sentence paragraph describing yourself as a photographer. If you like, start with the sentence, “——— (your name) is a photography student at Concord Carlisle High School in Concord, MA.”
  3. Sentences 2 through 4 or 5 should describe who you are as a photographer. This could be, what you like taking photos of, what stories you like to tell with photography, what draws you to photography visually, what photography means to you personally or culturally, who has influenced your work (well-known photographers who you follow), and so on.
  4. Conclude with one sentence to tie it all together. This can be a nod to the future (what you will do next or continue doing as a photographer), your ambitions, how photography fits into your life going forward (in high school and perhaps beyond).
  5. Add a photo of yourself to your blog. You may use a photo you already have, have a friend take a new photo, take a self portrait, or use an original image that represents you (something you shoot, but not of you). Wrap your text around your bio image.