Pre Production

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 7.41.09 AMYour Pre Production Packet for your film should include:

  1. Your crew names and production company name (with contact information)
  2. Your film’s working title
  3. A cast list (names of actors and which roles they are playing; with contact information)
  4. A location list (interiors and exteriors)
  5. A list of props
  6. A list of costumes
  7. Any makeup or special effects
  8. Any sounds that need to be recorded on location or separately (wild sound or sound fx)
  9. Equipment list: Which camera or cameras? Camera mounts–ie tripod, steadicam, jib, or is it all handheld? Lights? Sound equipment (mics, boom, cables)? Make a list down to batteries, chargers, cables, etc! 
  10. Production schedule – all days and times of shooting, and on those days, which shots in which order.