Digital Photography Final Reflection (Q1, Fall 2015)

photo by Cig Harvey

Digital Photography – Quarter 1 Reflection

We have decided as a class to reflect on our work this quarter, without assigning a letter grade.

The reflection itself is a graded assignment and will be due on Friday.

Directions: Write a paragraph (5 or more sentences) describing your work in each of the following categories. Please pay attention to each of the bullet points (although you don’t need to make a list). You should cite examples of your (ie which projects or images you excelled on, or specific lessons or experiences, in and out of class), and reflect on ways you can improve as you move forward (things you want to learn, pay more attention to, and so on). 


  • How you show creativity in your photos
  • Shooting
  • Angles
  • Color
  • Approach the subject
  • Lighting and shadows
  • How you edit the photos
  • bringing the best
  • Originality
  • Experimentation


  • The Images
  • Process – apply your knowledge, skill and effort
  • Reflects creativity and effort
  • Images relate to writing
  • Do images tell a story
  • Images work well together
  • Do they demonstrate skill


  • Explains your photos
  • Gives insight into your thought process – enables you to get more out of it
  • Reason why you chose the subject (personal?)
  • Background on where you are.
  • Contribute to your work?
  • Well – written, organized, correct length
  • assignment requirements Meets deadlines, etc
  • Quality of thought – meaningful – original – Ideas progress and change from project to project


  • Helping the person next to you
  • Commenting on blogs
  • In class critique
  • Paying attention in class
  • Class etiquette


  • Ambitious locations
  • Number of images
  • A lot of different angles
  • Ambitious subjects
  • Takes risks 
  • Uses every minute of every class productively
  • Applying to assignment
  • Showing growth and visible improvement