Advanced Filmmaking Reflection


Wes Anderson directing Moonrise Kingdom (2012)
Having screened and discussed all the films in class, reflect on you Quarter 1 Narrative Short Film. Demonstrate through this reflection what you have learned from the process of making you film with a crew of your peers.
At least 3 sentences each answer: 
  1. What do you feel you planned well on this production (something you did intentionally that is visible / audible in the final product)?
  2. Tell me a story from your shoot. Did anything happen on your production that was unexpected? Was it good or bad for your production?
  3. What would you do differently next time? What have you learned from making this film?
  4. Who contributed to your production, and how? Give thanks to one of your collaborators (crew or cast members).
  5. What is the best film (other than your own) produced in this class so far, and why?