Advanced Filmmaking Semester 1 Reflection

Filmmaker Spike Lee, 2015
Reflect on your Quarter 2 Short Documentary project. Demonstrate through this reflection what you have learned.
The first few questions ask you to reflect on documentary filmmaking in general and on the process of making your film. The last few questions ask you to reflect on how you have progressed since your last project and in the class. 
At least 3 sentences each answer: 
  1. How are documentaries different than fiction films? Which do you prefer to watch, and why?
  2. How is making a documentary different than making a fiction film (like your previous project)? Which do you prefer to make, and why?
  3. What did  you do well on this project? How is that evident in the final piece?
  4. What did you find challenging about planning, producing and finishing this project? What would you do differently next time?
  5. What would you do differently next time? What have you learned from making this film?
  6. What have you learned in Advanced Filmmaking this semester?About film? About working with other students? About yourself?
  7. Discuss your progress in this class this quarter. Has your work improved (or suffered?)  Are you satisfied with your experience, your work, and your contribution to the class?
  8. Look back on the semester. What is one thing you believe you will remember about this class, or this year in your life, when you are Mr. Gooder’s age.