Light, Shape, Shadow and Line

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Essential Questions: 

  • What design elements make a photographic image compelling?
  • How can one design an image specifically for a black and white medium?
  • In the photographic darkroom, which negatives make the best fine prints? What are their specific qualities?


  • Shoot 1-2 rolls of film. 
  • Must be shot off campus (outside of school)
  • Subject and location are up the the photographer, but the images should be visually compelling and use these four elements specifically: light, line, shadow and shape. Experiment, look for bold or subtle examples around you. See the slideshow, which you can download at the bottom of this post, for examples.  
  • make a contact sheet
  • make at least five 5×7″ prints.
  • make one to two 8×10″ prints of your best image(s) (your teacher will help you choose what to print)

Slideshow (shown in class): 

Light Shape Shadow, Line and Text Lecture Intro

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