photogram lecture.024


–Learn about the darkroom–procedures and technology (enlargers, chemistry, paper, exposure)

–Play with design — positive and negative space, opacity, designing within the frame

–Work individually to design 2 photograms.

–Work in a group of two or three, with the assistance of your teacher or TA, to create one large format (16×20 inch) photogram with both design and meaning. Options:

  • A life-sized portrait (head) of one of your group members or another person using found objects
  • A “map” or diagram that shows a personal destination or the path to get there
  • A political (or propaganda) poster that makes a statement about war, the refugee crisis, global warming, education reform, bullying, free music or another newsworthy topic that matters to you

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Download the lecture (which contains examples, hints and the assignment) here: photogram lecture