Q3 Advanced Photo Reflection

A Self Portrait by Vivian Maier, taken February 1955

Students in the B-Block Advanced Photography class have developed four main topics they’d like to explore in reflecting on their photography work in and out of class this quarter. The topics are below. 

Directions: Write a paragraph in response to each of the following: Quality of Work, Effort, Participation and Improvement. Look at the bullet points below each category for specific ideas, but do not write a list–this should be more of a narrative, describing your thoughts about your work in this class so far.

Due Friday April 8 by the end of class. Please share your reflection as a google doc, so Mr. Gooder can comment on it. 

  1. Quality of work
    • Your actual prints (contrast, dodging and burning, composition);
    • Your negatives (good exposures and developing)
    • quality of subject matter
    • fulfilling the assignment
      • Paying attention to the objective of the assignment (and taking it further)
      • Right number of rolls of film, contact sheets and prints
      • Having your work ready on time for the critique
  2. Effort
    • actively taking photos
      • how far did you go out
      • how much effort or planning did you put into your photography
      • do you shoot more than is required?
    • perseverance
      • if a print is hard you don’t give up
      • if a roll of film is not developed correctly do you reshoot
    • taking risks and your ambition
      • creatively
      • subject matter
      • technically
    • attitude
      • during critiques (participation, support for other students, accepting other’s feedback)
      • toward own photography, prints and process
      • toward others at all times–in the classroom, and in the darkroom
  3. Participation
    • on time to class
    • Work throughout the block
    • have a plan to work independently
    • staying on task and using class time productively
    • put in extra time when possible (during available blocks, after school, on weekends (shooting)
  4. Improvement
    • creation of your own style; who am I as a photographer?
    • improve technically
      • better composition
      • cleaner prints
      • more confidence
      • staying organized (includes keeping track of materials and taking notes)