Digital Photo Field Trip to Cambridge!


A street candid by photographer Alex No Logo

We are planning a field trip for a full day, on Thursday, October 13th, to Cambridge to shoot photographs. This trip will give the students an opportunity to document urban subjects, like people and architecture. This will also help photography students understand the many great photographers they have studied this year, who spent their careers exploring big cities with cameras in their hands. We hope to get great new material to print by the end of the semester.

Some inspiration / context: 

Street Photo Slideshow with links

Some details…


We will get ourselves to Cambridge by train and walk through a variety of interesting locations, capturing images as we go. We will have lunch in Harvard Square and take the train home, returning by the end of the school day.


We will be taking the Commuter Rail from Concord to Porter Square. We will walk to the Lunder Art Museum at Lesley University School of Art and Design to see a retrospective of the work of photographer Irving Penn. We will then walk to Harvard Square, taking photos as we go. We will have lunch in Harvard Square. We will enter the “T” at Harvard Square, take the Red Line back to Porter Square, and the Commuter Rail back to Concord.

Chaperones and Guidelines

Students will be accompanied by a chaperone in groups of five or six, but will be encouraged to spread out a bit to explore their environment and to take photos (photo taking in a herd doesn’t work well!). Students should bring a cell phone to stay in contact with their chaperone and their teacher.