Your Photo Field Trip Blog Post

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Post their best images, with writing, from our photo expedition from Porter to Harvard Squares in Cambridge. This is what needs to be in your post:


  • Make sure you finish editing your images (which includes correcting and enhancing) before publishing them
  • Export your collection as JPEGS. Choose 2500 pixels as your long image edge. Choose maximum quality. You will upload these images (rather than your originals). These images will show all of your edits.
  • Publish your collection — no fewer than 8 images, no more than 20.
  • You may publish as a slideshow, mosaic, or other arrangement…OR, you may weave the images into your writing (see bel0w), like an article.


  • Write three short paragraphs.
  • In paragraph one, describe your thinking before the trip. What you were looking for? What were you challenging yourself to capture?
  • In paragraph two, tell some specific stories from about your photography from the shoot. What was as you expected? What surprised you? Who or what did you see that drew your eye, and how did you photograph it?
  • In paragraph three, reflect on the field trip. What did you learn about photography?In general, what interests you about cities, design, architecture, people and culture? Do you enjoy being in the city? Did the trip change you as a photographer? How will this experience affect you in the future?