Place Assignment


New York circa 1932. “Night view, Manhattan.” Photo by Berenice Abbott (1898- 1991)

Due for Critique (Thursday October 27):

  • 6 or more 5×7” prints
  • A typed paragraph (5-7 sentences) describing why you chose this place (visually why it interested you; why it’s important). Include in your paragraph:
    • Where you photographed
    • What caused you to choose this location – why is it important?
    • What you saw when you arrived; what you chose to photograph and why
    • How your images all together tell the viewer about this place. Are you happy with the results?
    • Include your name
    • Print in 14 or 16 point font (so we can read it on the wall)

Assignment Goals:
* Explore a place outside of your house or school
* Choose a place with visual interest to you: look for shapes, shadows, textures, angles, patterns
* Choose a place that has meaning: a street, a barn, a bridge, a place of worship, a field, a stream, a forest, a graveyard, a factory, a room–inside, outside, rural or urban!
* Shoot one entire roll at the location. Get some wide shots (far back) and close ups (details). Play with composition and design.
* If the light isn’t right you may want to return when it is better.
* Try to get just the place. If people are in it, they should be apart of the place, not the main subject.

Download the Place Assignment Lecture (with examples) here: 

Lecture – Place Assignment