Showing project (WRKXFMLY)

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We are privileged to be able to participate in a national photography project, the “Showing (Work & Family)” Assignment.

Description (from the website):

“The Showing (work x family) story could not be complete without the perspectives of young people who live it. We developed WRKXFMLY, an original assignment for high school students formally studying photography, to bring their unique and important perspectives to ShowingIn the assignment, students create pictures and write statements addressing the overlap of work and family in their own lives. We encourage students to consider broad definitions of “family” and “work.” Their photographs are then considered for inclusion alongside professional work in our traveling exhibition. We also offer opportunities for regional student exhibitions.”

Mr. Gooder and Mr. Cataldo will post select work (and what you write about it) here weekly: CCHS Showing Photoblog. Check it to see your work and the work of your fellow photographers! Hopefully, friends, family, teachers and other members of our school community will check it often as your work evolves. Remember, your black and while film based work can be scanned and uploaded too!

If selected, student work may be exhibited in at Framingham State University next year.

Big Ideas & Essential Questions


Untitled © 2015 Desiree Bustos, WRKXFMLY Assignment, Walden Grove High School, Sahuarita, AZ

Big Ideas

  • In the United States, work and family life often overlap in many ways, both obvious and nuanced.
  • There are all kinds of families and all kinds of work. Every family experience is different and valid. There are no right or wrong answers. There is no “normal.”
  • Photography and the written word can express and explain the various realities of work and family life and illuminate how they intersect.

Essential Questions

  • How do work and family overlap in your life, especially for your parent(s)/guardian(s)?
  • How can photographic images and text communicate the ways that family life and work life overlap?

As part of the assignment, a professional photographer, Tsar Fodorosky, will be visiting our students three times: first to explain the project, about a month later to look at student work in progress, and for a final critique. This is a unique opportunity for advanced students to get real world feedback and help with their photography work. See Ms. Fodorosky’s work here:

For more information and student work samples:

Instagram account: @wrkxfmly  #wrkxfmly

Facebook page:

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