Looking at Color Photography

Asylum: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals

Here is a assortment of some of my favorite contemporary photographers working in color, and web links to their work.

ASSIGNMENT: Visit all the photographer’s websites. Pick three photos from three different websites that interest or excite you. Create a google doc. Write a short paragraph (minimum 5, maximum 7) sentences describing what you see in the photo. For each, be sure to comment on what you see (what’s happening in the photo? What’s the subject? Where are we? Why is it important?), AND how composition and color are used by the photographer to enhance the image. Add the image to your description, so I can see what you are talking about. 

Add a fourth photographer–one you find yourself. Your teacher can point you in the right direction if you like, but I recommend finding an area of interest and doing a web search to find photography you are interested in. Copy or screenshot an image for your google doc, and write about it. Be sure to write the name of the photographer and include a link to their website. 

Christopher Payne  (“Asylum”)  http://www.chrispaynephoto.com/asylum/

Cig Harvey (“You Look At Me Like an Emergency” and “Gardening at Night”) http://www.cigharvey.com/you-look-at-me-like-an-emergency/

Rania Matar http://www.raniamatar.com/portfolio/girl-and-her-room.php


Edward Burtynski  http://www.edwardburtynsky.com

and http://ideas.ted.com/2006/10/31/gallery-edward-burtynskys-extraordinary-images-of-manufactured-landscapes/

Alec Soth (“Sleeping by the Mississippi”) http://alecsoth.com/photography/?page_id=14


Laura McPhee  http://www.lauramcphee.com

Alex and Rebecca Norris Webb http://www.burnmagazine.org/essays/2009/10/alex-webb-rebecca-norris-webb-violet-isle/

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