Creating a Photo Blog

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 1.09.20 PM.png

Every student in Digital Photography class will post work to personalized photo blog they make themselves. The blogs are free and easy to create through Follow these steps:

  1. Sign into (create a free account). You must  remember which email you use and your password–write it down somewhere!
  2. Create a free blog. Title your blog (something other than your name), that has to do with photography (think hard about this–once you choose it, you will be using it for the rest of the semester and beyond!)
  3. Choose a template for your blog. A template controls the design–how the images and words appear. Choose one from the Subject category “Art.” Make sure it’s free. OR filter for “photography” Here are some that would work well for photography, but you can choose others. :
  4. Customize your site (we will demonstrate / work through this in class).
    1. Give your site a “Site Title”
    2. Edit your “Primary Menu” to add or subtract menus. You need to add a “About the Photographer”
    3. Add one of your photos as a “Header Image” (if applicable to your site template)
    4. …and so on! Note that you may alter your site after adding posts / content–that shouldn’t change or erase your content, but it may move things around. You can even apply a NEW template after you’ve started your blog, if you decide later that the template isn’t working for you.
  5. Create your first post. Click “Write” in the upper left side of the screen to get started.