The PSA (Public Service Announcement)



  • Communicate a message that’s important to you: First, identify problems in the school and give students the opportunity to come up with their own issues to tackle. In class, we will brainstorm areas of concern (no matter how big or small). Some suggestions:
    • ‘Don’t text and drive”
    • “Eat healthy”
    • “Get enough sleep”
    • “Get more exercise”
    • “Stand up to bullies; cyberbullying – see something, say something”
    • “Stand up to sexism/racism/etc”
    • “Help a student who needs it (ie suicide or drug addiction)”
    • “Get involved in politics/protest — speak your mind”
    • “Protect freedom of speech”
    • “Positive body image – Eating Disorders (raise awareness)”
  • Identify audience. Is it fellow students? Teachers? The community? The world that needs to know?
  • Find a visual way to convey this message, that is creative—think outside the box—don’t just stand there and say it. Show it! Tell us a story or create a scenario that cleverly relays this message.
  • During pre-production, you will storyboard this project and get more creative with camerawork (shots, angles) and editing (cuts, transitions, effects and graphics)