Collage Assignment (Advanced Photography, Spring 2012)

Hannah’s Zombie Apocalypse (with Caroline and Ben in pursuit)

After viewing the representation of dreams in the photo collage work of Greta Stern from the 1940’s and 50’s, and the combination prints of Jerry Uelsmann, ┬ástudents collaborated to create fantastic or dreamlike collages of their own. Each collage is made up of many smaller prints, meticulously cut and glued together, and takes several weeks to complete.

Collage by Jackie and Trey
Collage by Julian BH

Identity Project (Advanced Photography Fall 2013)

Students in the Advanced class make self-portraits that said some thing about them. Students were asked to think about how location, lighting and composition could add to the meaning of the photo. As always, students are visualizing in black and white. In the end,students were asked to write about their work. These are some excellent examples.