Course Expectations

for all of Mr. Gooder’s Filmmaking and Photography Courses

To succeed in this course, you need to be…

Creative: In what you shoot, in how you shoot it, and in how you present it. Use images to tell a story and express yourself. Use materials to make a physical connection with photography.

Critical: Challenge yourself to think about images. Participate in discussions. Share your work and your ideas. Being “critical” doesn’t have to mean negative – it just means thoughtful and specific in your comments for other students. Look to each other for inspiration.

Active: Try everything. Persevere—if you make a mistake, try again. Complete all the assignments. Show up on time. Work the whole class period (on photography, not other homework!) Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions.

Helpful: Art making IS a social activity—we share ideas, skills and insights. We should enjoy each others’ company and the craft of photography. But remember that photo room is a workspace, not your living room. Clean up after yourself. Don’t put wet things in dry areas (ie where books are being made or mats are being cut). Do not eat food anywhere work is being done during class time. Be careful with tools, chemistry and each other’s negatives and prints. Failure to follow safety rules will result in an in-class or after school detention. Lost or broken equipment is the responsibility of the student.

Classroom Rules

  • Phones should be put away (no texting)
  • Computers are for classwork (no Youtube, Facebook and so on unless relevant to class work)
  • No outside homework or studying for upcoming tests (class time is for this class, not other classes)
  •  No eating or drinking in the classroom (to protect  both our equipment and your precious work)
  • Be present (be on time; do not leave without  permission; participate in all class activities)
  • Be safe (pay attention to safety instructions, handle classroom equipment and materials carefully, and take precautions with chemicals by using goggles, gloves, tongs, aprons and masks when required)
  • Be responsible (take care of computers, cameras and other equipment inside and outside of school. If you break or lose it, you may responsible for replacing it!)
  • Be respectful (to the teacher and to each other; Do not interrupt or distract from class discussions or lessons.)

Grading / Assignments

You will be graded on the following each semester:

  • You will have four major assignments in the class, worth 15% each. So, your work—which includes preparation, shooting, editing, teamwork, critique, and reflective writing—makes up 60% of your total grade.
  • The remaining 40% of your grade will be based on:

o one test score (10%)

o one gallery (or for filmmaking, movie) review or analysis (10%)

o written responses to videos or notes taken on readings completed or videos shown in class (10%)

o active participation and positive contribution to class (10%) (see “Mr. Gooder’s Classroom Rules,” above)

Breakdown of grading:

  90-100% = A

  80-89% = B

  70-79% = C

  60-69% = D

  Below 60% = F

Absence and Tardiness Policy

  • You are required to be familiar with the school’s attendance policy in the Handbook for Students and Parents.
  • Absences need to be excused. After two unexcused absences, expect a call home.
  • If you know you are going to be absent in advance, please tell the teacher before hand so that we can make a plan for making up work and/or rescheduling activities.
  • Class time is important! Leaving class without permission, arriving late or leaving early may result in detention.
  • Remember that at the third unexcused tardiness or “skip,” you will serve a detention the day of the third unexcused tardiness or the following day.
  • Any unauthorized absence from class will exclude you from participation in co-curricular activities that school day.

 Policy for Make Up Work

  • You have the obligation to get the missing work and due dates from your teacher upon returning to school.
  • Work missed during absences, excused or unexcused, may need to be made up.
  • You are expected to meet with your teacher during or outside of class to find out what you have missed.
  • If the assignment requires school equipment or facilities, you may need to come in extra hours to do the work (after school or during free blocks).

Office Hours/Extra Help

I am to meet by appointment at various times throughout the day, or immediately after school. To make an appointment, just talk to me in person or email me (see below). I am happy to meet briefly or for a whole class block to discuss your work, your grade, or anything else that might be on your mind.

How to Email or Find Mr. Gooder

To talk to me outside of class, see my class schedule (upper right corner of my website). The schedule is updated each semester and shows where I expect to be each block. I am often in the Art Dept. Office (room 257) when I am not in class.

Email me at … I tend to return emails within 24 hours during the school year.